March Featured Teacher - Stacey Hodkiewicz

Photo of Stacey Hodkiewicz
March 1, 2021

Stacey teaches 4th grade in the Madison Metropolitan School District and has worked with the Multiple Literacies project team for six years.

"My favorite unit in the ML-PBL Science Curriculum is the 3rd-grade Toys unit where the students explore forces and motion.  My students were so engaged in the unit that they would continue the learning at home by discussing and demonstrating the phenomena that they were learning about with their families. They also came up with the idea to create a Science Fair complete with posters explaining the concepts of balanced and unbalanced forces, gravity, friction, and non-contact forces where they invited other classes into our room and taught students of all grade levels what they had learned! Several years later, these students still talk to me about all of the ideas they remember from 3rd grade Science!"

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