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The ML-PBL Curriculum was built as part of research to test project-based, literacy-focused elementary science curriculum and teacher professional development.  Our goal is to promote academic, social and emotional learning and equity in elementary students by using features of project-based learning and the three dimensions of scientific knowledge.

Recent News

Janet Serba is a third grade teacher and this is her third year teaching the ML-PBL curriculum.

Moira Thomas has been part of the ML-PBL project since 2015.

We are all aware that Project-based Learning has enjoyed global success.

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The ML-PBL Curriculum engages elementary students in making sense of the world. Science educators and researchers from MSU's CREATE for STEM Institute and the University of Michigan partnered to develop, test and revise 3-dimensional, phenomena-based curricula, teacher professional learning materials, and assessments.

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The ML-PBL curriculum was the focus of a multi-year research program.   From informative case studies of individual teachers and classrooms to a large-scale randomized control trial for efficacy, the ML-PBL curriclum is one of the best-researched elementary school programs in the country.