July Featured Teacher - Nicole Andreas

Nicole Andreas photo
July 12, 2021

“My favorite ML-PBL unit is the 3rd Grade bird unit. I love birds and have been an avid watcher for years. I really enjoy teaching this unit with students because of their engagement with the lessons. Every student has seen a bird in some capacity but most do not have any up-close encounters or background knowledge. The progression of this unit really allows students to make a connection to birds specific to our area. They come in every day ready to tell me of a new sighting. Although the unit focuses on local birds, I happen to have two Blue and Gold Macaws. I bring them in at the end of the second lesson set and we compare their traits to our local birds. This extra lesson also opens great conversations around topics like pet birds, conservation, and habitat loss. My students absolutely love creating bird feeders at the end of the unit.” - Nicole

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